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All Natural DIY Body Scrub with Coffee & Coconut

After almost running out of our super expensive amazing face scrub the other week, I decided that it would be pretty darn easy to make our own.  And what do we throw away tons of… coffee grounds!   Since we have lots of extra super fine coffee grounds from the expresso machine, that was a great way not only to save waste but put those grounds to good use.

This vegan 3-ingredient recipe was so simple and quick to make.  The only thing that took a bit of time was heating the oil… but if its a warm day you can absolutely skip that step!  I was super impressed with the exfoliating the coffee did, and also how my skin felt so hydrated from the coconut oil after.  Plus I smelled amazing, so that was definitely an added bonus.  Definitely can’t wait to use this recipe again, we really loved it!

All Natural Body Scrub with Coffee & Coconut
Time to make: 5 minutes!



2 cups fine coffee grounds
1 cup coconut oil
1 cup coarse sugar

After you have that delicious cup of coffee (or 4 or 5), store the coffee grounds in a large wide-mouth quart sized mason jar.  Add the sugar directly to the grounds.

In a double boiler over the stove, melt the coconut oil slightly so that it is soft enough to mix in, but not 100% melted so that it will melt the sugar.  Once ready, add that to the mason jar as well.  Mix all ingredients together and use liberally on any part of the body!

I used super fine coffee grounds (espresso grounds really) and haven’t tried this with a courser grind.


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